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The motto of the EXPERIMINTA is: questioning, experimenting, understanding. Informal learning is at the fore here; the exhibits awaken your curiosity and make solving problems fun. The experimental stations are designed to make science and technology more approachable and to offer new ways of engaging with scientific and mathematical thinking.

The exhibition concept comprises approximately 100 exhibits for hands-on experiments. They cover 9 subject areas such as “Fast and Slow” (Motion), “Strong and Weak” (Power) or “Resource-Saving and Wasteful” (Energy and the Environment).

Tailored particularly towards school children, the exhibits are designed to make experiments possible that are not normally part of the curriculum and to allow visitors to experience phenomena taught at school usually only in the abstract. For this reason, the Science Center sees itself as an extracurricular educational institution catering to what in Germany are called the “MINT” subjects (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology), and in the UK, the STEM subjects.

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