Vanillounge is a band with passion and love to mix a new style of the world music sound. It's Latin, Soul, Pop Music, Tiki, Jazz, originals, rearrangements and remixes, acoustic and electronic sounds. It's called RUMBA NOVA.
MUSIC IS ONE WORLD - there's no place like music.


Nashi Young Cho – vocals, percussion, composition, lyrics
Christof Cho – drums, percussion, keyboard, programming, background vocals, composition
Jan Miro – keyboard, piano
Robert Oursin – bass
Markus Lihocky – soprano saxophone, flute
Christoph Aupperle – vibraphone
Jan Stürmer – guitar
Thomas Fink & Gladys Hulot – singing saw
Won Sang Cho - background vocals

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Nashi Young Cho (Nashi)
Pommernstraße 16
61137 Schöneck
Telefon +49 (0) 6187 7722
Fax 49 6187 992533