Verein zur Pflege der Kammermusik und zur Förderung junger Musiker e.V. - Kammermusikverein

The Association to Cultivate Chamber Music and Support Young Musicians was founded on 12 Dec 1959 as independent subsidiary of the Polytechnische Gesellschaft together with the Frankfurter Sparkasse. With compositions seldom heard and exceptional musicians, the Association, in addition to presenting standard literature, has successfully pursued its goals in the years of its existence. Goals are above all to promote young musicians in this concert series. This podium is favoured by students, as they can present themselves alongside already established musicians. With its concerts the Association also wishes to make classical music accessible to the public at large, free of charge or at low admission prices. This is made possible by donations from the 1822 Foundation, the Foundation Frankfurter Sparkasse and the Polytechnische Gesellschaft e.V.

Artistic direction of the series is in the hands of professors Resch and Buchberger. The Association has not only gained a firm place in Frankfurt's concert scenario. Since 1970, chamber concerts are also held in surrounding communities: four concerts each in Hanau, Schwalbach and Bad Vilbel and one concert in Friedrichsdorf.

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Verein zur Pflege der Kammermusik und zur Förderung junger Musiker (Polytechnische Gesellschaft) e.V.
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