Patronage Association Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium and College of Music & Performing Arts

Frankfurt – City of “Notes”

The banking metropolis on the Main is proud of two traditional, internationally renowned music institutions that decisively contribute to the City’s cultural image:

  • the College of Music and the Performing Arts
  • Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium

Two Institutions – One Vision: the Patronage Association

These two independent Frankfurt music institutions have much in common: in addition to their history and far-reaching personal contacts is the long-standing leadership of Professor Philipp Mohler in interlocking directorate (from 1958 until 1975). The outcome: a mutual spirit, a mutual vision – the foundation of an association of supporters and friends of both institutions and thus the revitalization of an early tradition.
Membership subscriptions secure the spiritual and material support of musically talented people from earliest youth, for qualitatively demanding pre- and basic instruction through to professional training.
Founding meeting on 30 Jan 1967: birth of the Patronage Association of Dr. Hoch’s Konservatorium and the College of Music and the Performing Arts.

The Patronage Association Secures Your Musical Visions

Thanks to the commitment of numerous culturally interested people of Frankfurt, the Patronage Association has already contributed more than EUR 400.000 since foundation until today to support the work of both music institutions. Funds have been used, e.g., for annual scholarships, achievement awards, the procurement of instruments, exchange concerts and special tutorage schemes. A special bequest of Pauline and Friedrich Seufert decisively boosted the support potential of the Patronage Association.

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