Musiktheaterwerkstatt Frankfurt


Founded in 1994 by Franz Leander Klee to perform his compositions, the group presents works in the fields of music, text, performance, and theatre.

One focus of recent projects - apart from the performance of the founder’s own works - has been an engagement with the music of John Cage and the poetry and prose of Ernst Herbeck. Core members of the Musiktheaterwerkstatt Frankfurt are the group’s founder, the musician Florian Appel, und the director Gernot M. Hartmann. The cardboard-based works of Wolfgang Klee play an important role in creating their stage-sets. The group’s headquarters is the Klosterpresse artists' association in Sachsenhausen/Frankfurt am Main.

Further information (German only) on current and upcoming projects available at:

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Musiktheaterwerkstatt Frankfurt
Paradiesgasse 10
60594 Frankfurt am Main