Meiland, Jakob (1542-1577)


*1542 Senftenberg - †1577 Hechingen

Jakob Meiland received his musical training as a chorister in the Elector of Saxony’s court orchestra in Dresden and later at the University of Leipzig. From 1573 until 1575, he supervised the printing of his works, assisted by the printer Georg Rab. During this period, he dedicated several of his compositions to the city’s High Council. Jakob Meiland was compared by contemporaries to Orlando di Lasso and Clemens non Papa, as numerous printed sheet music of his motets and German songs prove. His works were admired and often performed well into the 17th century.
In his songs he fused traditional compositions with Italian folk songs. He is often regarded as one of the earliest German proponents of the villanella style.

Further information:
Friedhelm Brusniak: Meiland, Jakob. In: Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB). Vol. 16, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 1990, ISBN 3-428-00197-4, S. 653 f. (Digitalisat).

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