Laterna Musica


LATERNA MUSICA (formerly known as the "Earworm Project") aims to inspire children to discover classical music. In order to be able to reach children of all social and cultural backgrounds, the LATERNA MUSICA projects are normally carried out at primary schools within school hours.

The LATERNA MUSICA concept rests on four pillars:
1. Teaching material
2. Teacher training
3. Lessons in the classrooms
4. Music theatre performances with professional musicians

Teaching Material
The teaching material compiled by our educational team gives guidance in providing an approach to works of classical music that is appropriate to children: Gestures, facial expressions, dance, movement, instruments, body percussion and vocal expression can be used to accompany and comprehend a music piece. Stories and graphical notations, including those devised by the children themselves, can be expressed in sounds. Sound puzzles are also a good way of helping children find their own, individual approach to music.

Teacher Training and Lessons in the Classrooms
A great number of teachers, especially those who come from other subjects, undergo further training by our educators, often as observers in class situations. They help prepare the children for the chosen subject and the many possibilities for participation in the music theatre performances.

Music Theatre Performances
The LATERNA MUSICA concerts are a special form of music theatre for children. Lasting around one hour, a music piece is performed that has been written specially for the children and offers numerous possibilities for their active participation.
The concerts are devised by professional musicians, often experienced soloists and members of renowned orchestras in their own right.

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