Jazz Garden, Museum Riverbank Festival


A must for the majority of Museumsuferfest aficionados: the Jazzgarten in the charming garden of Villa Metzler of the Museum of Applied Art. As one of the highlights of the 3-day street party, the garden has been since 1997 an oasis of serenity amid the bustle along both River Main.

Every year an ambitious medley of all jazz facets awaits visitors, from modern big band jazz via fusion jazz to mainstream, performed by local and international artists. For example, from 1997 to 2003 musicians such as Tony Lakatos, Annemarie Roelofs, Emil Mangelsdorff, Ali Haurand, Corinna Danzer, the Kölner Saxophon Mafia, Rosanna & Zelia, Torsten De Winkel, Eckard Koltermann and many others have stamped the image of Jazzgarten in the course of the years. Since 2002, Andy Abel of Werk und Ton has been co-responsible for the acclaimed programme together with promoters Schölzel, Möhring GmbH, who have been involved since the beginning. In the same year moreover several innovations were implemented, e.g. a small stage for the finale of the evenings at the centre of the audience.

All in all in coming years fans of real jazz are promised a treat, as well as families and all festivalgoers seeking the tranquillity offered by the lovely garden at the centre of convivialities.

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