Hindemith Institute Frankfurt

The Hindemith Institute Frankfurt is the centre of Hindemith research. Due to the generous offer of premises by the City of Frankfurt am Main, the institute was donated by its Swiss benefactor, the Fondation Hindemith, to the City of Frankfurt, where it was opened in 1974.

The Institute preserves the scientifically relevant part of Paul Hindemith’s (1895-1963) estate. It includes his autographed scores and sketches of compositions, printed editions of the works, manuscripts of musicology and their issues or performance materials on own and other works, which Hindemith played or conducted. The Institute stores Hindemith's autographed work index, his extensive correspondence with composers, interpreters, poets, politicians and publishers from many countries, reviews of his performances, his literary-poetic works, his drawings and caricatures, his music instruments, recordings of his concerts and music as well as biographic documents, films, photographs, certificates and awards.

The Hindemith Institute manages, documents and safeguards this far-reaching estate, which could be extended by donations or purchases, and makes it accessible to the public. It also collects the literature on the composer. The Hindemith Institute is the editorial headquarters of the Hindemith Gesamtausgabe, it carries out all related philological work and publishes the Hindemith Yearbook and Hindemith Forum. For the publication of further works the series Frankfurter Studien is available.

The Institute organizes and manages symposia, exhibitions, seminars and the concert series Chamber Music at  the Kuhhirtenturm. Also the Hindemith Gallery was planned and set up by the Institute. Dr. Susanne Schaal-Gotthardt manages the Hindemith Institute since 2011.

Further information can be found under www.hindemith.org

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Hindemith Institute Frankfurt
Flashback: 40th Anniversary of the Hindemith Institute in Frankfurt
Hindemith Institut Frankfurt
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