Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund e.V.

The Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund e.V. is the professional association representing all persons active in the music field to the public. It seeks to improve and secure occupational conditions, promotes by suitable measures the professional qualifications of its members and furthers cultural life and practical musical performances in public and private by artistic and pedagogic activities. The historical development has resulted in it developing into the official representative of freelance musicians and music teachers. Via the Landesverband Hessen it belongs to the German Sound Artists Association (DTKV) at federal German level.

History: The roots of the FTKB go back to the middle of the 19. century. No longer able to continue in the Third Reich, it was reformed in 1949. Today, its activities extend way beyond Frankfurt.

Membership: Mandatory for membership is formal musical training with state examination (e.g. state music teacher's examination), diploma, artistic graduation examination). Exceptions are proven extraordinary artistic or pedagogic activities.

Activities: The Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund arranges concerts for various capability levels (school performances, internal concerts, public concerts) and training events. It also arranges via the office for pupils to work with its members, resp. music teachers (predominantly) for private coaching.

Board: The present chairperson of Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund is Ms Leah Frey-Rabine.


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Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund e.V.
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