Frankfurter Domsingschule

The “Frankfurter Domsingschule” (Frankfurt Cathedral Choir School), located at the imperial cathedral of St. Bartholomäus, has been providing qualified vocal training for children as well as a congenial, supportive environment since 2011. Regular rehearsals and public performances as well as group trips and events do not just improve the kids’ vocal abilities, but also help further their personal development.

Public concerts are a chance for the kids to show off what they’ve learned: they take part in the musical elements of cathedral services like the “Evensongs” inspired by the English choral tradition. They also take part in events like the Frankfurt children’s choir festival and the children’s choir meeting “Pueri Cantores” where they can meet like-minded kids from Germany and all over the world. Smaller performances like the opening of the Frankfurt Christmas market are also part of the programme.

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Frankfurter Domsingschule
Domplatz 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 29728064