Das Musikzentrum

The music education program from the Musikzentrum ranges from basic instruction to the preparation for music studies and master class, with the parallel equality of various styles it offers the versatile syllabus of a modern school of music.

"Actively experience music" is their motto. Being able to play an instrument and music of one's choice, is fun and achievement from one's own activity and creativity.
The specially trained and qualified teaching staff work with modern and progressive teaching programs that are tailored to pupils, backed up by our variable teaching system in which one can choose and change between individual and group instruction and determine and vary the length of the weekly instruction period. The teaching premises are modern and fitted with latest equipment. Pupils unable to attend regularly for occupational reasons are offered the possibility of variable instruction arrangements.

Learning tempo, group size and composition are coordinated closely with the performance grades of participants, so that motivation and optimum advancement are guaranteed. For children the Musikzentrum offers parent-child courses already from the age of 18 months, as of the age of three "musical early training" and as of school age instrumental instruction also in the form of orientation courses.

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Das Musikzentrum
Berger Straße 289
60385 Frankfurt am Main
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