Museum Libraries


18 museum libraries including the “Institute for Municipal History”, the Städelschule and the Citizens Centre are included in the Association of Frankfurt Museum Libraries with inventories of ca. half a million media.

DAM BibliothekDer Freihandbestand von Bibliothek und Textarchiv des Deutschen Filminstituts in der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek; Copyright: DIF/Uwe Dettmar

The collections of the participating libraries are centrally and uniformly classified via a web catalogue and therefore easily accessible on Internet for everyone. Users can research specifically in the catalogues of the individual libraries or in the comprehensive records of the Association. Media can be examined in the Reference Libraries. The libraries are listed on the homepage with addresses, opening times and contact persons.

Freies Deutsches Hochstift - Goethemuseum und Goethehaus: Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek (Foto: Katharina Kott)