Orfeo's Erben


When Orfeo - one of Frankfurt's most popular programme cinemas - was forced to close down in February 1997, a group of film enthusiasts immediately devised a plan to revive this cinema institution. Two years and numerous reconstruction phases later, "Orfeos Erben" opened: equipped with Dolby digital technology (-EX) and a THX sound system, making Orfeo Germany's smallest THX (programme) cinema - the auditorium has just 79 seats, but they are of the finest: First-Class seats of Lufthansa ensure perfect comfort.

Orfeos Erben is intended as a venue for demanding films. The programme is mainly international independent productions with occasional sidetracks into the better Hollywood films. Theme-related specials are a regular feature (e.g. Halloween Party, Noche Espanola) during which drinks and food relating to films are offered.

Regular film premieres and presentations are also held regularly in Orfeos Erben (e.g. Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann), where directors personally present their work.
The integrated café-restaurant serves tasty delicacies and beverages in an informal, plainly elegant ambience.

Orfeos Erben
Hamburger Allee 45
60486 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 70769100