Kurdish Film Festival


The Kurdish Film Festival presents current films from the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and the autonomous region of Kurdistan and thus provides an insight into Kurdish filmmaking.

The extensive film programme consists of current productions as well as classic films. Internationally acclaimed motion pictures such as "No one knows about Persian Cats" or "Yol – Der Weg", documentaries such as "Close up Kurdistan" and also children’s films such as "Hoppet" are shown. Often the filmmakers themselves attend the film festival in Frankfurt.

The film programme is accompanied by concerts.

The event is organised by the Mesopotamischer Kulturverein Frankfurt e.V. (Mesopotamian Cultural Association Frankfurt) and the Verein der Studierenden aus Kurdistan e.V. (Kurdish Students’ Association). In its fourth year, in 2009, the festival took place at the Filmforum Höchst for the first time.

Filmforum Höchst
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