Frauen und Film (Women and Film)

Founded in 1974 in Berlin and domiciled in Frankfurt since 1983, the film magazine "Frauen und Film" is today Europe's only feminist film theory magazine. The half-yearly magazine emerged from the changed relationship to film practice and criticism arising from the new women's movement. In the beginning the magazine represented a political agitation forum interested in the development of a women's film policy and culture.

The authoresses write about the prevailing cinema, the practical conditions of film production and the training situation. Above all they deal critically with sexism in television and film and have developed a "feminist film review".

The move from Berlin to Frankfurt also resulted in structural changes: the magazine's character became more academic because the women of Frankfurt placed greater emphasis on developing film theory and writing film history, whereby they stood in the tradition of the Frankfurt School. Still today "Frauen und Film" is the only magazine offering key translation from the Anglo-Saxon area thus providing an overview of the international debate and the worldwide situation of women and film.

Frauen und Film
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