Degeto Film


Degeto Film GmbH in Frankfurt am Main is the central organization of the ARD for the purchase of feature films and series. Alongside acquisition Degeto also undertakes the technical and editorial preparation of programmes - including dubbing or subtitling - through to transmission readiness. It also commissions productions in Germany and abroad. The Degetto editorial team also coordinates the transmission of the Degeto films library in the third channels, in 3Sat and Arte.

The "German Corporation for Sound and Film" was founded back in 1928 and from 1954 Degeto was initially responsible for film procurement for HR, the Hessen TV  station. Since 1959, the state TV stations of ARD, respectively their advertising subsidiaries have been shareholders in the company. Domicile of the head office is Frankfurt am Main. Special function of the Munich office is servicing the evening programme sector of ARD. It is responsible for the selection, processing and programme input of the feature films, purchased series and commissioned productions with which Degeto covers around 22 percent of the entire transmission time of the "first" channel.

Degeto Film GmbH
Am Steinernen Stock 1
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon ++49 (0) 69 15 09 330