Porzellan Museum Frankfurt


The Höchst Porcelain Museum in “Kronberger Haus!” - a division of Frankfurt’s Historical Museum – presents more than 1000 priceless Höchst faiences and pieces of porcelain from the rococo and classicist periods. Three sections are shown: the extensive “Municipal collection”, the impressive Kurt Bechtold endowment and the exhibition “Höchst quality and Baroque ornamentation” with outstanding permanent loans from private ownership and Hoechst AG.

Under the title “Höchst Porcelain 1746-1796” visitors can wonder at the diversity of porcelain in the cultural context of the times. The era of Peter Melchior (1765-1779) gave rise to probably the most significant and aesthetically ambitious tableware, figures, services, splendid vases and table centrepieces. Prominent here is above all the magnificently designed decorative vase with serpent handle and the Chinese Emperor. On display also are festively laid dining, dessert and afternoon coffee tables, which transport visitors into the pleasures of the 18th century. The venerable ambience of Kronberger Haus makes it the perfect setting for functions, such as chamber concerts, readings and product presentations.

Municipal museum of the City of Frankfurt

Free admission for children and young persons under 18

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Porzellan Museum Frankfurt im Kronberger Haus - Dependance des Historischen Museums Frankfurt
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