Verkehrsmuseum Frankfurt


Mobility in the past and future – how everything started, is shown in the Frankfurt Transport Museum. Two former wagon halls were converted into the museum of the works department in 1984. Since then, on an area of 3,900m2 Schwanheim has invited visitors to the exhibition “From Horse-Drawn Tram to Modern Times”.

On a stroll through the thrilling history of public transport in Frankfurt, 30 lovingly restored original exhibits can be admired: including the oldest treasure, the first horse-drawn wagon of the Frankfurt Tramcar Company from 1872, moreover tramcars and carriages from various epochs, a venerable bus, a steam engine, equipment trucks and the “Children’s Driving School”. The present-day is represented with current models. The trip back in time is also underlined by historical route maps, tickets, signal equipment, engines, uniforms and even an old maintenance hall.

Verkehrsmuseum Frankfurt am Main
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