Struwwelpeter Museum/Heinrich-Hoffmann-Museum


At the centre of Frankfurt’s new old Town Hinter dem Lämmchen 2-4, the world of Struwwelpeter and his author Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894) come alive. Since 1977, the Heinrich Hoffmann Museum has cultivated memories of the Frankfurt physician and poet, who achieved worldwide fame as the author of the picture book classic Struwwelpeter. Books, pictures and documents recount the life of the many-sided and humorous Dr. Hoffmann, whose life’s work was the reform of Frankfurt psychiatry. Rare hand-coloured original editions, extraordinary translations, from Chinese to Rhaeto-Romanic, droll parodies, kitsch and art manifest the amazing success of Struwwelpeter since publication in 1845.

For children many games and much amusement make their museum visit an active experience. Slipping into the role of Struwwelpeter? In the playroom everyone finds the costumes of their favourite stories: here the hare chases the hunter, and Minz and Maunz, the cats raise their paws. Puppet shows are held on many Sundays. Changing special exhibitions extend one’s perception of the disputed Struwwelpeter and his author.

The Museum is supported by the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft – a social institution for the psychically afflicted – a unique combination of culture and social work.

Struwwelpeter Museum/Heinrich-Hoffmann-Museum
Hinter dem Lämmchen 2 - 4
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