Norbert Wolheim Memorial


“We are saved, but we are not freed.”
              Norbert Wollheim, 26. August 1945

The Norbert Wollheim Memorial is named after Norbert Wollheim (1913-1998), survivor of the first privately organized concentration camp Buna/Monowitz of IG Farben. He was the first to institute legal proceedings against the concern in 1951.

The memorial stands in the park of the former property of IG Farben, today Campus Westend of Frankfurt University. Displayed photographs recall Jewish prisoners in their daily life prior to their incarceration in the concentration camp. Bearing the individual number from Buna/Monowitz the pictures point the way to a pavilion whose façade shows the prisoner number of Norbert Wollheim. Inside are two monitors showing 24 interviews in which survivors of the Buna/Monwitz concentration camp describe their lives. A website on the Wollheim Memorial with introductory and detailed texts. Pictures and documents enable one to contextualize these reports.

The Wollheim Memorial links contemplation on the victims of Buna/Monowitz with information on the history of their persecution and indemnity.