Schauspiel Frankfurt


At the beginning of the repertory season 2017/2018 Anselm Weber, together with his chief dramaturge Marion Tiedtke, took over the management of Schauspiel Frankfurt.

Based on the WE, which in a word describes the motto of the first season, the season 2018/19 is focused on what has shaped the past 70 years: what upheavals have occurred since the Basic Law in the year 1949 took place? And what impact do these have on our present: How did we become who we are?

24 new pieces, including 14 premieres, 2 German-language premieres, 1 German premiere and 9 world premieres, as well as 20 titles in the repertoire characterize the varied schedule of the 2018/19 season. In the four venues - Schauspielhaus, Kammerspiele, Box and Bockenheimer Depot - renowned directors such as Ulrich Rasche, Luk Perceval, Andreas Kriegenburg, Roger Vontobel, Jan-Christoph Gockel, Robert Borgmann and David Bösch bring both classic and contemporary drama by Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz, Ewald Palmetshofer, Jan Neumann or Konstantin Küspert on the stage.

The big topics around the WE are also topics for the next seasons. They are supported by projects that are to be described by the keywords networking, internationality, participation and integration.