Deutsches Orthopädisches Geschichts- und Forschungsmuseum e.V.


The well-documented permanent exhibition of the Medical History Museum clearly illustrates the history of orthopaedics as well as the care of  the handicapped. The library is the nerve centre of the Museum. With more than 6,000 books, it is the largest publicly accessible literary collection of orthopaedic history. Another keynote is the collection of artificial limbs/joints, end prostheses and orthopaedic instruments.

The Museum's concept is undoubtedly unique. The exhibition rooms are integrated in the building complex of the Orthopaedic University Hospital "Stiftung Friedrichsheim" and are open to patients and outside visitors alike.

Founded in Würzburg in 1959, the Museum was moved to Frankfurt due to lack of space and was reopened on 6 June 1998 with the support of the German Society for Orthopaedics and Ortopaedic Surgery (DGOOC). The Museum's objective is to promote orthopaedic science by the collection of historical and research material and thus the documentation of medical development in orthopaedics.

The library is open to all interested persons. Books are only loaned out for scientific purposes. A workplace is available.

Deutsches Orthopädisches Geschichts- und Forschungsmuseum e.V.
Marienburgstraße 2
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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