Aesthetics, Musicology and Sport Science


Frankfurt is home to a large number of outstanding art museums whose scientific libraries are also open to the public. A leading name in this field is Max Beckmann, who worked from 1925 until 1933 as artist and teacher at the Städelschule. He is one of the foremost German expressionists. Many of his major works were created during his time in Frankfurt. Alongside the aesthetics of the University are numerous collections and foundations of banks that relate specifically to this subject.

The field of music is also well represented and Frankfurt, for example, is the location of the Archive Frau und Musik and the Hindemith-Institut. With historical music sources, scores, musical theory writings, instruments, sketches and furniture the Institut enables an in-depth preoccupation with the musician and composer Paul Hindemith, who lived in Frankfurt.

In the individual sectors below one finds a selection of addresses of companies, foundations, societies and institutes in the fields of art, music and sport sciences.