Music Industry

Music in Frankfurt am Main also occupies a significant position from an economic viewpoint. Music is the creative nucleus of a dynamic business sector that is concerned in a diversity of ways with its production, presentation and distribution. On the other hand, music itself needs an underlying structure of diverse business interests in order to reach its public. Consequently cooperation between culture and business is beneficial for both sides.

Already in 1997, at the suggestion of and cooperation with the Culture Department, the city’s Economy Promotion Department issued an “Almanac of the Music Industry for the Region Frankfurt/Rhine-Main”, which was very soon out of stock. Since 2007, the Promotion Department has annually issued the “Frankfurt Music Guide”.

Furthermore the association VirusMusik, which with the support of the Culture Department organizes numerous projects for regional musicians of the pop scene, issues as hard copy “i-pages” containing many useful addresses in and outside of Frankfurt.

Last but not least, the Frankfurt “Music Fair”, the largest international trade fair for music instruments, music software and computer hardware, notes and accessories, in collaboration with the accompanying international fair “Prolight + Sound” for concert technology, provides once yearly an insight into the intricately interwoven performance and impact fields of music. The immense product programme, the numerous workshops, concerts and discussions clearly highlight the comprehensive inter-relationships between music and business.