International Choir Frankfurt

The International Choir Frankfurt (ICF) was founded in August 1984. Its goal it to improve relations between Germany and people of other nations by the international language of music. A simultaneous goal of the Choir is to process and present choir literature that is seldom heard.

The ICF is open to everyone who gets pleasure from singing and is prepared to undertake concentrated rehearsal work for presenting professional performances to an audience. Rehearsal weekends quickly integrate new members into the Choir community.

Alongside rehearsals and concerts, however, social activities also play a key role. This is well testified by joint choir excursions - e.g. to Verona (festival), Vienna (State Opera), Paris (Bastille Opera) and Bregenz (festival) - and tours, whereby concerts with partner choirs in the guest countries form the centrepoint, for example in the cathedral in Königgrätz (Czech Republic) and El Escorial near Madrid. The festival concert on the occasion of the 30-Year Jubilee of the city partnership Milan-Frankfurt was recorded by the Hessische Rundfunk. Under the auspices of the city partnership scheme the ICF also held two concerts in Milan.

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ICF International Choir Frankfurt e.V.
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 8
60323 Frankfurt am Main