Festeburg Concerts


One seldom encounters a normal evangelical church parish with an adjoining sound studio. Upon recommendation by the hr radio station, the State Church Hessen and Nassau already incorporated this unusual combination when building the Church. And because plans were afoot to relocate the Church Music School to these premises, the Festeburg parish also received an organ that was suitable for demanding literature. When it was consecrated in May 1970, one could also celebrate the foundation of the Festeburg Concerts, which have continued to set important musical accents in Frankfurt's music life for more than 30 years. Even although original plans have now led to other results, the fundamental idea still prevails - making the Festeburg Church not only a place for holy worship, but also a musical centre.

The "Circle for Spiritual Music, Preungesheim" was founded in 1975, giving future church concerts a new basis. Indeed a very stable basis, as the past 25 years have shown. 10-12 concerts are presented annually, the Circle is supported by more than 150 members and it has initiated the change from a local to an international music centre, albeit a small one, but highly demanding.

Evangelische Festeburgkirche
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