Museum Riverbank Festival

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Frankfurt celebrates annually every last August weekend its museums and its riverine setting with a lively three-day festival. In this unique combination the Museum Riverbank Festival is a popular platform for presenting Frankfurt's cultural institutions and cultural protagonists. With an annual attendance of ca. 2.5 million visitors, the programmes of the museums, stage shows, projects and presentations, the Museum Riverbank Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Europe. Art, culture and disburdening the mind blend together for three days into a spectacular mammoth festival. The festival is planned for 2022.

 Museumsuferfest, Foto: Holger Ullmann, Copyright: Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main Museumsuferfest Ufer, © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The Museum Riverbank Festival is presided over by a central theme every year. Either it makes a specific country the focus of the festival, or picks up the content and themes of a museum and communicates them to the outside. Some past themes have been "South Africa", "Greece", "Japan", "Modern Art", and "Children" in 2017. The idea behind this concept is to illuminate the cultural identity of the key theme against the multicultural background of the festival and thereby enhence understanding and curiosity.

Museumsuferfest bei Nacht, © Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The central theme runs like a "fils rouge" through the eight kilometres of the festival. It stamps the festival's image, gives rise to new encounters and experiences and smoothes cultural barriers. This idea can be sensed in the presentations of the museums and cultural institutions. It is alive on all stages, in all productions and culminates in the annual gigantic musical firework display.