ernst-may-gesellschaft e.v.

On 31 January 2003, the society was founded to implement a publicly accessible, monumentally refurbished and furnished house in the Frankfurt suburb Römerstadt, as well as an »ernst-may-stipendiary residence« for research and teaching. The initiative arose to permanently save and preserve the ideal heritage of »New Frankfurt«, to make it accessible for the public and useful for the future. Plans forseee the rental of a well-preserved house designed by Ernst May in the Römerstadt.

The »ernst-may-gesellschaft e.v.« currently numbers around 84 members. The board consists of architects, building and art historians. Prime objective of the Society’s work is the monumentally appropriate reconstruction and furnishing of an Ernst May house in the Römerstadt.

News, current programme details and information on New Frankfurt and Ernst May can be accessed on the newly designed homepage.

Ernst-May-Gesellschaft e.V.
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