Founded in 1817, the Städelschule is one of the world’s oldest and simultaneously most unconventional art colleges. Throughout its history the Städelschule has employed numerous renowned professors and lecturers, they include Gustave Courbet, Max Beckmann and Wille Baumeister.

Presently the following courses of study are offered:
Sculpture/plastic art; film; free graphics; free art; free painting and further-reaching opportunities for study. Architecture; keynote: conceptional design as graduate research study course. The focus of training at the Städelschule is on the study of art in an artist class (studio studies). Artistic talents and a minimum age of 18 must be testified in an entrance process. A committee decides on admission. Daniel Birnbaum has been principal of the College since the year 2000.

Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule
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