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The design office and media lab meso in Frankfurt works at the interface between technology and design. In addition to concepts and design for new media, meso has repeatedly initiated and conducted projects that come close to the digital world in an artistic-creative manner and approach. In 2001 Max Wolf and Sebastian Oschatz of meso founded the design platform Zirkeltraining (, seen as a »virtual sport label« for design. With Zirkeltraining design assignments are developed that result from the interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, programmers and artists.

One of the major works, which was shown in 2003 in the exhibition »adonnaM.mp3« in the Digitalkraft Department of Frankfurt’s Museum of Applied Art, is the project »Bootleg Objects« that is concerned with the redesign of everyday items. In this project Zirkeltraining uses objects and attempts to release them from the constraint of their specified purpose. The design does not follow - the classical – the best possible union of form and function, but the existing material is playfully rearranged. The term »bootlegging« stems from the field of music and denotes the entire unconditional revamping of an old hit into a new piece, sometimes with complete disregard for any legal and commercial considerations. Under the title »Re-Braun«, for example, a stereo set from the Kronberg company Braun was modified so that an MP3 system emerged. The original switches and controls now operate a compact system, which has become a combination of radio/internet radio/MP3 player. Individual customized software was developed for the unit. Markus Wolf and Sebastian Oschatz worked together on the »Re-Braun«, it is not intended as a prototype for a series product but is a unique one-off. Alongside other »bootleg objects« it was selected by the Dutch group Droog Design – a type of commission occupied with the selection and servicing of design products – and included in the Droog Design Collection.

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