Kunsthandwerk Hessen e.V.

This occupational association was already founded in 1949 as the Bund Hessischer Kunsthandwerker with the goal of promoting craftsmanship in Hessen and providing a wide forum for the joint interests and issues. Criteria decisive for membership in the Association are own creative activity, the possibility of implementing creative ideas and modern work of high quality.

Organized annually are a joint stand of members at the international fair Tendence in Frankfurt, at the International Crafts Fair in Munich and other joint exhibitions.

The individual state associations are grouped in the Federal Association, which represents pan-regional and political interests. It is a member of the European umbrella organization and of the World Crafts Council WCC.

Kunsthandwerk Hessen e.V.
Mergellstrasse 27
34130 Kassel
Phone +49 (0) 561 68595