Institute for New Technical Form

The Institute for New Technical Form (INTEF) was founded by the City of Darmstadt in 1952 as the first German design institute. Its major issues include the communication between design and technology, ecology and aesthetic, training and business – regionally and pan-regionally. INTEF has set down the following goals: promoting the quality of industrial product design and its public awareness, publicizing innovative achievements, facilitating experimental initiatives, trainee support, interchange of information and arranging contacts. The Institute is also a forum for unpublished product ideas and outstanding industrial accomplishments. Exhibitions document the work of creative personalities and present the results of cooperation between progressive industrial companies and designers. The Institute has presented the Braun Exhibition in the Design Haus since 1990. This gives one an overview of the development of Braun products from the beginnings through to today.

Institut für Neue Technische Form - Technisches Haus
Friedensplatz 10
64283 Darmstadt
Phone +49 (0) 6151 48008