Heinrich Jost

The typeface and book designer Heinrich Jost was born in Magdeburg in 1889. During his apprenticeship as book dealer Jost simultaneously attended the Applied Art and Handicrafts College in Magdeburg and, after moving to Munich, the School for Illustration and the Book Trade, where he met Paul Renner. In 1931 Jost was appointed Artistic Head of the type foundry Bauersche Giesserei in Frankfurt am Main. Here, together with the stamp cutter Lois Hoell, he developed a recut of the classical Roman typeface Bodoni, which was originally designed by Gianbattista Bodoni. The so-called ┬╗Bauer Bodoni┬ź was issued in standard and semi-bold typefaces. It is regarded as the most successful recut of Bodoni. The Bauersche Giesserei reached its pinnacle under the aegis of Jost. He worked with such personalities as Paul Renner, whose Futura was produced by the Bauersche Giesserei in 1928, Georg Hartmann, Emil Rudolph Weiss, Berthold Wolpe and Ernst Schneider. Heinrich Jost died in Frankfurt am Main in 1948.