Gunter Rambow

The German graphic designer Gunter Rambow was born in 1938 in Neustrelitz. He studied painting at the State Glass College Hadama and graphic art under Hans Hillmann at the College for Visual Arts in Kassel. Together with Gerhard Lienemeyer he founded the »Rambow + Lienemeyer Graphic Studio« in Kassel, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. He became partner of Gerhard Lienemeyer and Michael van de Sand in »Rambow/Lienemeyer/van de Sand Studio« in Frankfurt am Main, which since 1988 is called »Rambow van de sand Studio«. With Gerhard Lienemeyer he also founded the publishing company Kohlkunst in Frankfurt.

Gunter Rambow was appointed Professor for Visual Communication by the Kassel Polytechnic and the College of Visual Arts Karlsruhe. He is Honorary Professor of »Wuxi University« in China and Honorary Chairman of its »Research Institute of International Poster Art«. Once annually the »Rambow Design Preis« is awarded for graphic design in Shanghai. Gunter Rambow is Principal of the State College of Visual Arts in Karslruhe.