German Design Club DDC


Cross-linking is a commonplace term throughout the world. The DDC promotes and cultivates the quality of cross-linked communication and consequently the creation of values.

Committed individuals in the DCC include national entrepreneurs, specialists from all design disciplines, from architecture, product design, corporate design, advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration via digital media to events professionals.

This is undoubtedly a consistency that is unique Europe-wide. Time is now exactly ripe for a value appraisal of cross-linked communication, because ever more disciplines inter-work and inter-communicate directly with one another.

Facts that speak for the DCC:

Founded in 1989 by Tassilo von Groiman, now, after the presidency of Dieter Steger, headed by Thomas Feicht, the DCC stands for the quality of cross-linked communication via all design disciplines through to architecture. Conducted to this purpose are a national competition since 1999, cross-linked practical and regional events.