Fritz Eichler

Fritz Eichler was born in Niederhorn, Luxembourg, in 1911. He read art history and theatre sciences in Berlin and Munich before coming to Frankfurt in 1945 as stage designer, film director and commercial film-maker. In Frankfurt he worked, for example, for the contemporary critical cabaret »Zeitzeichen« and as director of the children’s film »Das doppelte Lottchen« by Erich Kästner. During the War Eichler had already made the acquaintance of Erwin Braun who in 1954 summoned him to the Kronberg firm Braun AG to build up its design department. During this phase of corporate reorientation Fritz Eichler exerted a decisive influence on the design policy of Braun AG. Both the corporate image as well as the products were given an entirely new concept. Together with Otl Aicher and the Ulm College of Design he developed a film presentation for the 1955 Düsseldorf trade fair that was sensational for the ambience then prevailing. In 1960 Eichler became member of the Board of Directors and Director of the Braun Design Department. With Hans Gugelot and others he developed the radio set SK 1/2. Fritz Eichler has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Braun AG since 1973. Numerous publications on the theme design have followed.