Chlodwig Poth

The graphic artist Chlodwig Poth, born in Wuppertal in 1930, was one of Germany’s most productive satirists. His comics, cartoons and hate sheets, veduta, oils and water colours, novels, radio plays, fairy tales and short stories, which he painted drew and wrote between 1944 and 2004 made him the country’s leading illustrative satirist. His »Progressive Alltag« of the late sixties movement, to which he never belonged, reached circulations of hundreds of thousands in the seventies. He even preceeded the founders of the »Neue Frankfurter Schule«, which he later joined, with the satirical magazine »Pardon«, which he cofounded in 1962. His last major work, the illustration series »Last Exit Sossenheim«, which he started in 1990 for the satirical magazine »Titanic«, was until the end, in the July 2004 edition of the magazine, a continuation and conflict with his progressive everyday in the City of Frankfurt, with which he clashed and relentlessly reproached throughout his life. When Chlodwig Poth was awarded the Goetheplakette of the City of Frankfurt in the year 2003, it was also a peace pact with a city that had always been obliged to bear the brunt of his criticsim.

Chlodwig Poth died in 2004, just two days after his friend and colleague Bernd Pfarr.