Bernd Pfarr

He belonged to the Neue Frankfurter Schule and worked for »Titanic« and all major German magazines. Unforgotten and unparalled is his »Sondermann«, which he designed in 1987 as comic for »Titanic« and which later became the key figure in many of his books: an obscure wretch, the very epitome of the German bookkeeper type.

Bernd Pfarr was born in 1958 and initially studied graphic art at the Offenbach College of Design. As early as 1978 he drew cartoons and caricatures for »stern«, »Zeit-Magazin« and the satirical magazine »Titanic«. He published cartoon books, illustrated the Erich Kästner collective edition published in 1998 and in 1999 the Hermann Kesten edition. In1998 he was awarded the »Max-und-Moritz Prize« for his work. In spring 2004, the Wilhelm Busch Museum in Hanover paid tribute to Bernd Pfarr with a retrospective entitled »Comical Art« and »Picture Stories« by Bernd Pfarr and verses and cartoons by Hans Traxler.

Bernd Pfarr died at the age of 45, only two day before his friend and colleague Chlodwig Poth.