Working Stipend Jazz of the City Frankfurt am Main


The Jazz Stipend is aimed at musicians from Frankfurt and vicinity whose work involves the various stylistic forms of jazz. With the help of the stipend they have the opportunity to develop their qualifications according to their individual ideas. This financial support gives them some leeway for honing their skills and expanding their talents. Not least, the stipend is also intended to help them develop their own musical profile, their artistic identity.

The stipend has a value of 10.000 Euro and is awarded annually. An independent jury convened by the City of Frankfurt decides the award of the stipend.


The City Frankfurt am Main annually awards the Jazz Stipend with a value of 10.000 Euro.

Applications are invited from musicians from Frankfurt and vicinity who can be plainly categorized to the various stylistic forms of jazz, including experimental directions.

The Jazz Stipend can be used for any artistic further development in this field. There is no age limit. Both individual persons as well as groups may apply. Applicants should be able to perform a live programme of at least 30 minutes to an audience.

Condition for application is musical training or qualification with the keynote jazz and evidence of relevant practice.

An independent jury decides from entries submitted on the award of the Jazz Stipend. Jury and organizer can request audition at no charge. The decision of the jury is final, legal proceedings are ruled out. Employees of the Culture Department, members of the jury and close relatives of both aforementioned parties may not submit applications.


2022: Andrey Shabashev (piano, composition)
Ivan Habernal (composition, bass)
: Darius Blair (saxophone)
2019: Natalya Karmazin (piano, composition)
2018: Maximilian Shaikh-Yousef (saxophone, composition)
Max Clouth (guitar, composition)
The Where Me?!: Fabian Dudek (alto saxophone), Rafael Krohn (guitar), David Helm (double bass), Jan Philipp (drums)
THE J-Sound Project: Jason Schneider (trumpet, flugelhorn, composition), Ivan Habernal (bass), Yuriy Sych (piano), Uli Schiffelholz (drums), feat. Michael Schreiner (saxophone)
2014: electrolyte: Yuriy Sych (composition, piano), Alberto Menendez (saxophone), Bastian Ruppert (guitar), Martin Standke (drums)
2013: Peter Klohmann (saxophone, composition)
2012: Valentín Garvie (trumpet)
2011: Uli Schiffelholz (drums)
2010: Dennis Sekretarev (trumpet, composition)
2009: Modern Jazz Quintet: Natalya Karmazin (piano), Daniel Guggenheim (saxophone), Evgeny Ring (saxophone), Chris Rücker (bass), Martin Standke (drums)
2008: Contrast Quartet: Yuriy Sych (composition, piano), Martin Standke (drums), Tim Roth (contrabass), Benjamin Steil (saxophone)
2007: Yelena Jurayeva (piano)
2006: Ulf Kleiner (piano)
2005: Tobias Backhaus (drums)
2004: Frank Spaniol (saxophone)
2003: Martin Lejeune (guitar, composition)
2002: Susanne Peusquens and Michael Bornhak(contrabass duo "Bassics")
2001: Ulli Jünemann - Morten Ginnerup European Jazz Project (entire jazz group)
2000: Sebastian Merk (drums)
1999: Joachim Lösch (trumpet), Vitold Rek (contrabass), Russ Spiegel (guitar)
1998: see 1999
1997: see 1999
1996: Burkard Kunkel (bass clarinet)
1995: Heinz-Peter Hofmann (contrabass)
1994: Manfred Bründl (double bass)
1993: Christopher Dell (vibraphone)
1992: Stefan Lottermann (trombone)
1991: Corinna Danzer (saxophone)