The SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT has much to offer for children and teenagers and in fact this is a focus of its work on art education. The spectrum ranges from Hand Puppet Tours to Schirn Explore, an experimenting club. Parallel to private and school class guided tours on the current exhibition with subsequent practical session, at fixed times every Sunday tours through the exhibition are also offered for pre-school and primary school children. Here too, children can develop their creative talents. Workshops accompany the current exhibition and enable active interpretation of the impressions.

During school holidays there is naturally a special programme with activities such as family days.

It also offers a distinctive range of current and focused educational and communicative activities for all age groups – including the permanent games and learning circuit, the MINISCHIRN.

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 299882 0