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Literaturhaus Frankfurt is a lively venue for literary get togethers and the debate on international contemporary literature. Regular features in addition to classical author readings are round table discussions on non-fiction books, such as “Streitfall” {Case of Conflict} (in cooperation with Radio Hessen) and “ZeitBrüche” {Time Breaks} (with the Institute for Social Research).

Literaturhaus Frankfurt arranges and initiates symposia and seminars. Launched in 2004, for example, was the Frankfurt Literature Biennale to promote German literature abroad, in conjunction with the annual award of the “DekaBank Prize of Literaturhaus Frankfurt”. In 2001, for the first time Literaturhaus awarded the “Blue Salon Prize”, donated by the Licher Private Brewery.

Literaturhaus Frankfurt also holds exhibitions on literary themes, e.g. on Robert Walser, Ernst Jandl and Hannah Arendt, and exhibitions that form the link between literature and the visual arts. Examples here are the photo paintings by Rebecca Horn dealing with a manuscript by Martin Mosebach and the photography and word installations on Heiner Müller by his widow Brigitte Maria Meyer.

During the Book Fair the guest country of the year is represented in Literaturhaus with readings and functions. A programme for children is also on the agenda of Literaturhaus Frankfurt: a Children’s Book Sunday is held once monthly and, recently initiated, a writing workshop for teenagers under the supervision of renowned authors and supported by Rotary Club Frankfurt.

In 2005, Literaturhaus Frankfurt was honoured with the “Binding Culture Award” for its activities and its significance for the cultural life of the City of Frankfurt.

Founded in 1991, Literaturhaus Frankfurt moved from the Westend into the newly rebuilt “Old Municipal Library” on the Main riverbank at the beginning of October 2005.

Literaturhaus Frankfurt
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