How to apply

How to apply for a municipal grant

Date of submission and application requirements:
• Your application should be submitted to the Kulturamt (Culture Board) no later than 3 months prior to the start date of the project.
• For your convenience, application forms are available online.
• Please note that only applications that are submitted in full, on time, and duly signed by the applicant can be considered.

Application forms (see download):
• Covering letter (with address, main contact, bank details, and signature)
• Project description (exhibition / presentation)
• Budget (exhibition / presentation)
• Project description (publication / catalogue)
• Budget (publication / catalogue)

The budget must include the following: a full breakdown of all income and expenses in connection with the project, a list of your cooperation partners, and, if applicable, any other institutions to which you have applied for funding or other support.

Further documents to be included in your application:
• Registered associations: copy of the current statutes
• Artists and creative professionals: curriculum vitae
• General information on your area of activity, overview of previous projects, etc.
• Any publications relevant to the application

Approval or refusal:
• After careful consideration of the material submitted, we will write to let you know the outcome of your application
• If your application is successful, we will send you an official offer prior to the date of realization of your project
• If your project grant is approved, please send us two copies of relevant print media for our files (bill/poster, invitation cards, or similar).

Report on expenditure of funds:
• Please provide an account of all your income and expenditure in connection with the funded project, including receipts and invoices, preferably as photocopies. Please note that we require a full report of all your project-related income and expenditure, not just to the extent of the grant approved by us.
• Please also provide an assessment of the general impression made by your project, including any relevant press cuttings.
• Please don't forget to sign your report on the expenditure of funds.
• You do not need to use the attached form for your report, but please be aware that the documents you submit must cover all the elements listed in the form.

The report on the expenditure of funds is compulsory for recipients of a municipal grant and will be audited by the relevant municipal authorities.

The full report on the income and expenditure of the project helps the city retrospectively assess the overall success (financial and artistic) of the projects it decides to fund.

Please note: a new application for a municipal grant cannot be considered until the above report has been submitted for the last project.

We are always grateful if the project reports are submitted on time and without requiring reminders.

If you have any further questions please contact us:
Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main
Brückenstraße 3-7
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Fine art grants (subject-related questions):
Susanne Kujer
Telefon: ++49 (0)69 / 212 33550

Arts grants administration (questions on costing and accounting):
Anja Söhns
Telefon: ++49 (0)69 / 212 – 300 61


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