Goldhalle des Hessischen Rundfunks


The Goldhalle is located in a segment of the circular building originally designed as a parliament complex on Frankfurt's Bertramstrasse in the 1940s. It was subsequently purchased by Hessische Rundfunk (Hessen TV and Radio).

Twice annually, usually in February / March and in September, the Marielies Hess Foundation - domiciled within the Hessische Rundfunk - presents, as its statutes proclaim: "remarkable visual artists ... with links to the State of Hessen". Over the past 10 years, works have been exhibited by artists such as Vollrad Kutscher (1991), Klaus Schneider (1994), Karin Radoy (1998), Regine Schumann (2000) and, in cooperation with the DG BANK Culture Promotion, Jürgen Wiesner (2001).

The Goldhalle is also the venue for exhibitions that accompany hr programs devoted to the history of the station and radio broadcasting in Germany.

Mon-Sun 9-20 h
guided tours: Wed 18 h
U 1-3, Bus 32 Dornbusch

Goldhalle Hessischer Rundfunk
Bertramstra├če 8
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 1554038