Galerie Anita Beckers


The gallery emerged from Edition, founded in Darmstadt in 1990,whose program focused on work albums by contemporary artists such as Guillaume Bijl, Wim Delvoye, Felix Droese, Urs Lüthi etc. At the end of 1992 a reciprocal exhibition activity commenced with the architects Eisele + Fritz and the publisher Jürgen Häusser.

An own gallery was then opened in Darmstadt in 1996, which showed established art in parallel with young, not yet recognized works. The new premises opened in 1998 in Frankfurt were inaugurated with Thomas Huber.

The gallery concept is to be place where positions of modern art are shown for discussion and,in its basement, where young artists have the opportunity for their first public presentations. Preference is not given to any one medium, he program being determined by interesting positions of contemporary art.

In 2015 the gallery opened a new exhibiton space at the Braubachstraße 9 in the city center together with Frank Landau.

Galerie Anita Beckers
Braubachstra├če 9
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 92101972