EZG - Europäische ZentralGalerie


The EZG (European Central Gallery) is domiciled in Windeckstr. 48 in the Ostend, ca. 100m from the future premises of the European Central Bank. The gallery's functions include the communication of modern art in the fields of sculpture, installation, painting and photography, especially in relation to a social and political context. Around eight annual exhibitions present above all artists taking up positions on questions of synergy on and backgrounds to current developments.

Artists include, for example, the South Korean Hansu Lee (photo), who has won international art awards for his tightrope walk between East and West, technique and tradition; Andrea Neumann, who spent many years in New York and with her partially overpainted photos also created furore in the art world; Thomas Rösch, whose medial-illustrative slanted photographs thematize the habits of our perception and their influence on our picture interpretation, for example in his work for the television series "Ein Fall für zwei"; Gosbert Gottmann develops his photos into portrait series on marathon runners or on Katarina Witt. John Greenwood, a painter from London, whose work is collected by Saatchi & Saatchi and David Bowie, achieves a mixture of modern Hieronymus Bosch and graffiti art.

Gallery owner Jürgen Steinmetz read art history in Heidelberg, Bochum and at the Sorbonne and has worked almost a decade for the Jewish Museum, the Museum Judengasse and the Städel Kunstinstitut.

EZG - Europäische ZentralGalerie
Windeckstraße 48
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