Deutscher Werkbund Hessen e.V.


The Werkbund is committed to the responsible use of our environment. This covers the interlinked assignments of regional and city planning, architecture, design, media structure, landscape architecture, art and monument protection. Today's vehemently demanded sustainability, meaning environment-responsible action, incorporates fundamentals to which the Werkbund has always been committed. The Werkbund regards sustainability as a category extending beyond ecological understanding: social, political and cultural considerations have no less importance in planning and design concepts.

High aesthetic quality combined with high utility value and social compatibility are only feasible with these disciplines when planners and designers find the support of partners with similar convictions in business, science, administration, politics and the media.

The Werkbund is not a professional but a programmatic alliance of persons from these disciplines, who were nominated as members due to their involvement with environment planning and design. The principle of critical plurality applies.

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