Arte Giani


The gallery has held changing exhibitions since 1994. Previously , the proprietor Claudia Giani-Leber (Dr. phil.) worked since 1990 as an art consultant.

The collection keynotes are contemporary art, the combination of speech and picture as well as the different viewpoints of painting,drawing, sculpture and photography.

The works of the following artists are presented: Jörg Ahrnt, Conny Bosch, Thomas Bredenfeld, Michelle Concepción, Barbara Feuerbach, Trevor Gould, Wulf Kirschner, Astrid Köppe, Jan Christian Pohl, Karl Schleinkofer, Peter Schlör, Winfried Skrobek, Hanneline Visnes, and Alissa Walser.

Arte Giani
Taunusanlage 18
60325 Frankfurt am Main
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