The savings bank organization Frankfurt Sparkasse has managed the gallery 1822 -Forum in downtown Frankfurt since 1970. Objectives are to offer a presentation forum for the Frankfurt art scene, to focus discussion on art and to arrange contacts between artists and their public. Because the sale of art is not the prime consideration, art finds its place here free of any economic pressure and experimental inclination. In addition to the non-profit concept of the gallery, a further strong point of 1822-Forum is the close relationship with the region's art scenario, fully in line with the goal of the Frankfurter Sparkasse to further its spirit of patronage in its business territory. Consequently only artists from Frankfurt and vicinity show their works of contemporary art in the eight annual exhibitions.

Furthermore, usually at the year's end, exhibitions on Frankfurt's art history are held in the gallery of the Customer Service Centre of Frankfurter Sparkasse, Neue Mainzer Str. 49, Frankfurt.
Information of the current exhibition programme can be found on the internet pages www.frankfurter-sparkasse.de
Contact person: Ralf Beeker

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