University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt / Main


The Fachhochschule (so-called "University of Applied Sciences") is the only school with an education in architecture in Frankfurt, since the Staedelschule only offers a post-graduate course. The next University with an independent institute of architecture is the TU Darmstadt.

The Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt / Main, offers young people who are interessted in the creative and innovativ process of developing modern builidings and environments, a broad range of study courses. Altogether there are four Bachelor and five Master Courses to choose from. The Study Programmes are practice-orientated at a high academic level with an international orientation and give the oppurtunity to qualify for professions which offer extraodinary career possibilities. Apart from studying and learning in seminars and lecture halls, our students can choose from a variety of laboratories and are envolved in theoretical and practical projects.


Fachbereich 1: Architektur - Bauingenieurwesen - Geomatik
Nibelungenplatz 1
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 1533 3600